But First, Pass A Test You Must!

I wanted to start this blog as a way of keeping track of my progress. A few months ago I decided I anted to become a falconer; a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to begin pursuing it. After an aggressive amount of calls, appointments, and studying, I am approaching the start of my journey as a falconer. On Sunday I will be taking my test to receive my Hunting license, and before I do that on the same day I will be going out with a group of falconers to experience a hunt with them. Before when I had gone hunting with my grandfather and uncle I was below the required age necessary to take the hunting class, but that was years ago. Now I’ll have to retake the education and safety class so I can take the test! Oh well, I’d rather spend more time relearning all the rules and safety requirements than risk sloppy hunters threatening game and each other.

I feel as though now is a good time to begin chronicling my new lifestyle as things seem to be coming together. Finding a sponsor is, by far, the most difficult step in the process. You have to prove not only are you dedicated to the commitment it takes to begin this new venture, but that you also have the time, knowledge and finances to start it. That’s especially hard to do when there are only a total of seven falconers in your state and you can’t even find anyone to speak to about it! Due to this problem I took my search north to Ohio. There I spoke to the Ohio Falconer Association’s president who invited me to go hunting with himself and his group. That happened today, also the day all of my falconry books came in the mail. This is destiny, and because of that today must also be the day I begin my blog.

Well, back to studying I go.