Ohio Falconry Meet

The weekend of March 8th brought with it not only an unusual amount of warm weather, but also the yearly Ohio Falconry Meet. Several Ohio Falconers, a few apprentices and a few pre-apprentices,… Continue reading

Hunting 10-27-2012

I went up again with the same guy who brought me with him last weekend. The owner of Zippy and the Ohio Falconer Association’s president, Mick Brown. He brought his two apprentices with… Continue reading

Hunting With Zippy

Today I went on my first falconry hunt with a group of great guys. I had to leave early to take my hunting test so unfortunately I didn’t get to stay for the… Continue reading

Update On Sunday Excersion

So the outing I was taking with the hunters was going to be at 10am on Sunday. Since I had to drive to Ohio I needed to leave at about 7am to get… Continue reading

But First, Pass A Test You Must!

I wanted to start this blog as a way of keeping track of my progress. A few months ago I decided I anted to become a falconer; a few weeks ago I decided… Continue reading